Nature Provides, mosaic, glass and brass sheeting, 8 x 18′, Patient Services Center, Western State Hospital, Lakewood, WA

Client: ArtsWA

Location: Lakewood, WA, United States

Completion date: 2020

Artwork budget: $69,000

Project Team

Fabricator:  Steve Miotto, Miotto Mosaics

Project Manager:  Chuck Zimmer, ArtsWA


Mosaic, glass, and brass sheeting mural, 8×18-ft, commissioned by Western State Hospital, Lakewood WA for a Patient Services Center in construction. I was selected by the Selection Jury, consisting of a selection of 8-10 women (plus the building architect) who would be working at the Center. The Center will house food preparation services and medical prescription services that serve the patient population. Western State Hospital is a historical hospital established to care for people diagnosed with psychological, emotional and/or mental problems, and it continues to be so.


I met with the Selection Jury and the building architect who told me they were looking for artwork that would refresh them in the course of their working days, perhaps energizing them since their work is demanding and fatiguing.


The first time I met with the Selection Jury they directed me regarding the type of imagery they wanted to see. I went through a process of making designs following their instructions. We went back and forth many times until finally they said to the Project Manager that my proposals didn’t feel like the installed projects they had seen when they selected me to be the artist. Chuck Zimmer, the ArtsWA Project Manager finally explained to them that I was trying to follow their directives, but that what they originally liked about my work was its sense of energy and play, at which point they decided to give me free range to create what I wanted.

Additional Information

Freed of their instructions I was able to step away from a literal depiction of their ideas, and instead, design an abstract mural that metaphorically and sensually fulfilled what they were looking for.

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