Nucleic Life Formation consist of two waterjet-cut ceramic tile murals, measuring 6-ft by 22-ft and 10-ft by 13-1/2-ft was installed December 2013 at the Lambert-St. Louis International Airport MetroLink Station. Both designs are suggestive of striated nightscapes crossed by a constellation of “stars” that loosely mimics a DNA double helix. DNA is the basis of all living organisms. For as long as man has gazed up at the night sky he has imaginatively formed constellations by connecting prominent stars. Nucleic Life Formation suggests a universal connection between all living things micro and macro, the cells and the cosmos.


Commissioned by Metro-St. Louis
Installation Date: December 2013
Fabricator: Surbeck Waterjet
Installer: Kevin Carraway
CAD: Andrew Dodson
Photographer: Richard Sprengeler