Worlds Within Worlds, located in the Elizabeth Area of Charlotte, NC, consists of four streetcar shelters. The neighborhood is shaded by large, tall trees, and softly cocooned by an abundance of plants. In contrast to the hustle and bustle of commerce-minded Downtown Charlotte which it borders, Elizabeth, with its extant Arts & Crafts period architecture, is a rare historical part of Charlotte, much cherished by its residents. On the large central laminated glass panels set within Art Deco frames, I overlapped soft, wavy layers of translucent patterns to convey a dreamy sense, liquid, and changing. In the comfort of our homes we tend to be relaxed: the windscreens refer to internal states of mind and feature trees — and in one — a rose.  Each station has a side etched glass panel filled with lace or fabric-designs that call domesticity to mind. I was also commissioned to design printed vinyl seat covering fabric and ceiling panels for the GoldLynx streetcar trains.


Commissioned by Charlotte Area Transit System Art in Transit
Installed: 2021
Fabricator: Moon Shadow Glass, Inc.
Photographer:  Mitchell Kearney